Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The 90's Called

I'm having some writer's block so here are some pictures...

Those geese think I am so cool. They were all like, "hey Heather let's chill." And I was all like "whaaaaat?" HA! Geese. 

I am following in the footsteps of my last post with a semi 90's look with some wavy wind blown hair. I like it. It doesn't hurt that the choker I am wearing is from the 90's. It's one I kept when I went through all of my old high school jewelry. Glad I did too because geese love 90's beaded jewelry, but they also like Uggs, and I can't get behind that. 


Jacket: Marshalls (similar here)
Denim Shirt: Old Navy (similar here)
T-Shirt: Target (very recent purchase, but I can't find a link online)
Jeans: Gap (here)
Boots: Hunter (here)
Choker: Vintagish
Earrings: Target
Ring: Pangea
Sunglasses: Betsy Johnson


Sheena Johanns said...

Geese: "hey Heather let's chill"

BA HA HA! I love you! I miss you! You look fabulous as always in these pictures!

Heather Livingston said...

LOL! I love and miss you! :)Thank you!