Thursday, February 5, 2015

Birthday's and Junk

This post is a little later than I had planned, but I wanted to share a few things from my Birthday and from my Atlanta trip!

I woke up on my B-day to find my counter had been covered in sprinkles and there was a cute little card waiting for me!

My husband knows me too well! 

I had planned on taking the whole day off, but since we were in planning mode for our sales meeting (and I was doing a LOT of planning) that didn't happen. I did happen to get away to get my hair cut though! And throw on a little red lippy!

We went to dinner at Bonefish Grill (one of my faves) and I got the chocolate creme brûlée for dessert! Heaven!

Come Sunday it was time to head out to Atlanta. I don't have a lot of pics that will make much sense to you, but here are a few that make me smile!

Sushi, Maggiano's stuffed mushrooms, and a Girls Rule sign that we spent forever winning points at an arcade to acquire. It was the last one and we had to beg them to give it to us. We set it up on the last day. :)

It was a fun trip, and now I head out to Rochester on Monday. I don't typically travel too much, but it's been a crazy start to the year. 


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Sheena Johanns said...

Stuffed mushrooms and sushi are two of my favorite things! :) Yum!