Friday, February 20, 2015

The Big Reveal

Dun dun dun duuuuuuuun! It's time for my big closet room reveal!!! First, before:

We had a ton of things on the walls before, so lots of patching was required! I chose a paint called Manhattan Mist for the walls. It's such a nice grey color and I love it. I love the name too!

And now, after:

Isn't it dreamy? I love being in there! The guitar is my hubby's and he let me keep it in my room since it needed a little Nashville going on, and he bought me the sweet little blue record player for Valentine's day! Total surprise! I'm sure I'll add to it and change things here and there, but for now I'm in love. 

The unicorn stuff is a growing theme thanks to my bestie Sherri. She got me the blow up head last year for my Birthday, and this year a "handicorn" which is a head and four legs that you put on your hand. It's pretty hilarious! She also got me the sweet boxes and my necklace/earring/ring stand! I gots good people. 

So let me know what you think! Would you use a whole room for a closet/makeup room? It's pretty sweet if I do say so myself!


1 comment:

Sheena Johanns said...

OMG! I'm obsessed with your new closet room! Maybe I'll have an extra room one day and you can help me convert it into one of these! It looks fantastic and I just want to live in it!