Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday "Friendspiration"

I am obsessed with Spring getting here, and so with that in mind, and since "Friends" has recently been added to Netflix and been playing in my home I wanted to show you a few iconic style moments from the show that I'm loving for right now! 

I still love some of the 90's style that I grew up with, and nobody did it better than the ladies on Friends. 


I want all of it. From the plaid skirt and pants, to the flirty dress, and even the overalls. Rachel's style was never boring, and is always my favorite. 


Monica could rock a crop top! I'm still loving a little crop for Spring along with minis, and maxis! And just look at that jean jacket t-shirt combo! Nothing wrong with that. 


Phoebe was the queen of long dresses/skirts, and unexpected pops of color. She could do bohemian or grunge and always look cute. I love the long dress and boots combo, and just look at her hair in the first pic! So pretty and easy for Spring! It will be a while before my hair is that long, but I'm still experimenting with some wavy texture. 

What shows do you draw fashion inspiration from? 


All images via Pinterest and Google Images. 

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Andrea said...

Friends is my home decoration inspiration. I have my TV on a buffet, the way Monica did. I should rewatch all ten seasons. I own them and watch them pretty much every year.