Thursday, April 30, 2015

Summer Lovin'

I am more than ready for summer, and I always have a shopping list a mile long when the seasons change. I wanted to share some of the items on my wish list so far. 


1. Pylo Gypsy Denim Bellbottoms in Creedence: I have bellbottoms, but these are high waisted which means I can wear some crop tops and I love that. I am not a "show my whole midriff" kinda gal, so high waisted jeans/pants/skirts make me very happy and give me some  flexibility in my wardrobe! 

2. Alloy Mae Paisley Maxi Dress: Ahh the maxi dress. So cute. So put together. Yet so comfy and easy! You still have to shave your legs in this one though. 

3. Free People Again Dylan Dress: I can't even with this dress. I. Cannot. Even. This is like if the 60's, Bridgett Bardot, and Hawaii got together and had a passionate love affair and had a love child. That would be this dress. I. Cannot. Even. Sexiest dress EVER. 

4. Free People Floral Mesh Lace Dress: Hottie hottie lacy pants! This dress is so cute and easy! I feel like I would wear this to a festival, but in reality I would probably just wear it to a street fair full of food trucks and get ketchup on it within 5 seconds. 

5. Madewell Loup Charmant Como Cropped Shirt: I had a shirt when I was in high school that was very similar to this. I wore it to Kings Island. I got it on sale at Gap I believe. I adored that shirt. I can't remember my own zip code most days, but by golly I can tell you what I wore 17 summers ago...

6. Free People Oliviera Gladiator Sandal: I just really want some taller gladiator sandals. These are so cute, and they are Free People which is always a win in my book. 

Feel free to also follow me on Pinterest to see some of my other faves! I am an avid pinner and I would love to have you follow along! 


P.S. I found a dupe (or at least similar style) of the sexiest dress ever for a LOT less on Alloy

Thursday, April 23, 2015


My momma came to visit me! We ate all the food and drank all the coffee and went all the places! It was wonderful! I needed a little happy in my week. She also took these pictures because she is awesome. 

See my week started with a clogged drain in our bathroom which resulted in at least 3 trips to Home Depot, gross black goo in our floor, and a very defeated Little City Chic household. We finally got it unclogged, but we didn't know it until the next morning. That should have been good news, and it was, but then I realized that our mortgage company had taken out two payments. TWO PAYMENTS. That's not cool. When I called they weren't helpful, but thankfully my bank was and I got the second payment reversed. Talk about a frustrating couple of days. I could have shortened that and just said a black goo covered toilet monster came in and stole all our money, but you probably wouldn't have understood that. And you also might have been terrified. 

My momma came and made things better (as mommas tend to do) and now I am happy again. 

I promise I have a giveaway coming up. I also promise to not take as long to put up a new post next time. That is unless the goo covered toilet monster comes back and steals my computer, or camera, or husband...


Top: H&M (on sale here)
Jeans: Alloy (here)
Shoes: Off Broadway (here)
Bag: Madewell (here)
Necklace: M.Florita Jewelry (another option here)
Sunnies: Nine West (Similar)
Earrings: Coach 

PS: If you're interested we tried out a new coffee shop called the Tin Cup. If you are ever in Nashville, I highly recommend it. It is however only open M-F. 

Friday, April 10, 2015


I wore this two days in a row, because I love it. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate....

In my defense I only wore it for a couple of hours the first day. Not that I care what anyone thinks. I march to the beat of a different pot (and possibly a pan). I don't know if you recognize this dress/tunic thing I'm wearing, but I just wore it a couple of weeks ago in another post here. I love remixing things for different seasons or in our case just insanely varied temperatures within the same season. 

We took these photos at a place that I have taken them before only on a different side, and the first person who can tell me which post has the other side in it, I will send you my favorite summer shade of nail polish. Seriously. I will literally go buy it and send it to you. Just tell me in the comments below. 

Here's looking at you kid! 


Dress/Tunic: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Express (Similar)
Shoes: Nine West (Here are some cute Steve Madden leopard sandals) 
Necklace: I honestly have no clue (Similar)
Bracelet: Pangea (Similar)
Earrings: Target (Similar)
Sunnies: Nine West (Similar)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Night Moves

Just in case you couldn't tell, these were taken spontaneously at night with my iPhone by the light of my headlight. It was my husband's idea. He's pretty good with stuff like that. Keeps me on my toes with new and innovative ideas. He's like an innovation/idea...factory.... (I wanted to write tree right there for some reason, but it didn't make much sense.)

Do you know what I like? Elephants. They are so big and cool. They have those big ol ears and trunks that are just like, BAM! Yeah! I'm an elephant! Whatcha gonna do about it? But at the same time they are just sweet and they like to dance. 

I also just realized my shirt has that cool elephant guy on it! I told you I like elephants! I don't just blow smoke, or pull legs, or some other 50's sounding phrase. 


Plaid Shirt: Vintage (Similar)
Top: Lucky Brand (Here is a newer version)
Jeans: Express (Similar)
Boots: Nine West (Steve Madden version here)
Bag: Madewell (Here)
Ring: Target (I think) (Similar)

Thursday, April 2, 2015


You will be happy to know there are no bare white legs within this post. 

When we took these pictures I was exhausted. We had been to the Nashville Flea Market again and bought a cow skull. It was a whole thing. 

I also found this cute little shop with vintage Levi cut-offs and I bought a pair. I am so excited about them. I actually wish I hadn't said anything because the pain of seeing my legs last time is probably still too fresh. I'll wait a while before I debut them. 

I felt very "Nashville" on this day. Kind of rock n roll, kind of hipster. At least I felt very East Nashville. I also had on that sweet Nashville necklace which I am in love with. 

I actually realize more every day how much I love this city. Maybe one day it will love me enough to dress "Heather". Of course since I dress "Nashville", if it dressed "Heather" it would just be dressing like itself. Gosh Nashville, how very narcissistic of you! 


Dress: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: H&M (here)
Leggings: Alloy (here)
Jacket: Marshalls (similar, and surprisingly from Hollister)
Boots: Steve Madden (here)
Necklace: M.Florita Jewelry (local and very cool)
Earrings: Target (similar)