Friday, January 29, 2016

One Item Three Ways - Whitey Pants Edition

I'm trying something new and that is actually talking about fashion a little bit! I love putting together outfits. In fact my new obsession is an app/game called Covet Fashion where I can put together outfits and get judged by a bunch of other people that may or may not know anything about fashion. I may or may not know anything about fashion. Who knows anything about anything when it comes to anything really? I'll tell you who knew about fashion actually; Alexander McQueen. RIP. Tear. 

Ok lets get started! I put together three looks using Polyvore (sooooo addictive). I wanted to start this new post series with white pants/jeans. I did a look for Fall, Spring, and Summer. The Fall look could also be done in Winter so I didn't completely leave it out!

So for this one I went with a big ol sweater, some flats, simple jewelry, and clean makeup! I also dig the big bag and coffee because what is life without a honkin bag and a cup a joe?


Awe... I love this. I love Spring. I love floral and stripes. I love little booties. I did a bit of a contrast so it wasn't so saccharine and sweet with some darker makeup/nails and rocker jewelry! Perf!


Are you kidding? I die for that yellow bikini top under that black tank! So cute and vacationy! Another big bag, round sunnies, and simple makeup and you are ready to spend a day in the sun! I can't wait for Summer!!! 

If you want any info on the clothes or makeup here just check out my Polyvore page! 


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow No!

Hey. It snowed. 

It hardly ever snows in Nashville. We get maybe one "good" snow a year and by good I mean like 2 inches. This was about 6 - 8 inches. I know to my friends in the north even that seems tiny, but to us it's enough for our government to declare a state of emergency. And that is what they did. No I am not joking. 

It's all gone now, but for about 3 days the situation seemed pretty dire. No bread or milk anywhere to be seen. People walking around in coats, and hats. Snow people as far as the eye could see...It was terrifying. 

This was the 3rd day I believe and we finally ventured out to take some photos and play at the greenway. 

I think I'm good now as far as Winter is concerned. I'm done. Bring on Spring! I don't think I could stand the sight of another snow person...*shiver*


Button Down: eBay
Sweater: Old Navy (You can still find it on Poshmark)
Jeans: Alloy
Boots: Hunter
Coat: Banana Republic
Sunnies: Guess (Similar)
Earrings: Kate Spade (Similar)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Laid Off and Laid Up

Hi friends! Sorry for my absence lately! I never meant to stay away for so long! I had planned on blogging more, but life always seems to get in the way. For instance, I was laid off last Monday! Yay for me! To add insult to injury I got a stomach bug on Saturday. 

I fully expect to get back on my feet quickly. I'm not one to sit around and do nothing, and not working is making me a little crazy, although looking for a job is a full time job! 

Over the holidays I nabbed this sweater at H&M in the men's section for $5! That's the kind of deal a jobless person looks for! Don't ever be afraid to shop in the men's section ladies! Sometimes you find some very useful items, and I don't just mean hats, and scarves, and socks, and beard combs! 

I hope everyone is having a great 2016 so far! I'll keep you posted on my job hunt. Send me your good juju, and prayers, and love, and just for good measure; beard combs. 


Sweater: H&M (Similar)
Jeans: Express (Similar, but darker)
Boots: Amazon (Sold out of grey)
Bag: Coach (No longer available)
Earrings: Kate Spade
Rings: Coach (No longer available)