Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You Do You

I am a firm believer in the at home spa day/night. I have done it since I was a child, literally. I started reading magazines when I was a mere little, and doing facials and manicures in my grandma's bathroom! I was always obsessed with clothes and beauty at a very young age. 

So long story short, I wanted to share all this to say that every woman should treat themselves to a little beauty treatment every now and then. I only included two photos because they represent the majority of what I do. It's pretty simple and it makes me very happy! 

First a facial! You don't need anything extremely expensive or elaborate. I included a few choices including $1.99 packs from Walgreens! I am starting to have a bit of a love affair with LUSH because they aren't horribly expensive (especially for a face mask) and its 100% organic. We're talking gotta keep it in the fridge because it goes bad organic. 
The face wipes are great for after you rinse to get any of the leftover mask residue off your face. I love Yes to Carrots, Yes to Cucumbers, and Yes to Grapefruit (below). They smell good and they are pretty natural. Occasionally I'll steam my face before I do anything to really open up my pores. It feels so great too! 

I also like to take the time to do my nails. I always do my own nails and I have fun with it (until I go to bed and wake up with sheet all over them). I try different polishes (my fave is typically Essie, but it doesn't dry very fast.) If you want them to dry faster you can try the cold water trick (stick your nails in cold water for like 5 minutes) but if you are in a hurry a matte polish dries way quicker. Sometimes I give myself a pedicure too, but most of the time I reserve my toes for the nail spa. Its a good excuse to see a friend and talk while a little person with very sharp utensils is poking at your toes. They are also most likely making fun of you for some reason, but you would never know because they don't speak english to each other. They laugh a lot though. That's why I think they are making fun... Probably totally unfounded. 

While my nails dry I read magazines, and try my hardest to not mess up my nails. I still feel like that little girl sometimes that could sit forever and read a stack of magazines as tall as me. 

And don't forget some good girly music! 


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