Sunday, June 8, 2014

Something New

Welcome to Little City Chic. I had a new vision for my blog and I wanted to start fresh. I have been through a lot of changes in the last year and I needed to purge the past and do something that I feel is more "me". I hope you will follow along and keep up with my shenanigans! 

I had to start with a fashion post, although that will not be all I post about, it will be a lot of it so I think it's fitting. I have so many ideas that I want to bring to this little space and I couldn't be more excited!!!

Summer in Nashville can sometimes be like walking on the sun, but today was amazing! There was a breeze blowing, the sun was shining, birds were chirping...I felt like I was in a Disney movie, but with beer cans, train tracks, and graffiti. Here are some flowers to help keep the Disney feels going...

Ahhh that's so much better. 

I hope you will keep checking back. Not seeing your face is the best part of my day...wait...that came out wrong. 



Top: Urban Outfitters
Bandau: Kohls
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Kimono: Marshalls
Shoes: Nine West
Arm Party: Tilly's 
Earrings: Coach
Sunnies: Nine West

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