Sunday, June 22, 2014

Candle Crush

I chose this title because I have a crush on candles and I also crushed some candles while making this and because it's a play on Candy Crush. I had to stop playing that game because it was ridiculous and it took up all of my time. Now that I stopped playing it, I can crush candles and have crushes on candles. I don't know which is worse. 

So this little DIY is simple, but it's so pretty and fairly inexpensive. All you need is a mason jar and as many long candles as you can fit in it. It can be any arrangement or color you like. 

We chose black and silver because they are pretty. No other explanation needed. You can usually find all different sizes, but we wanted to make them even less uniform so we cut a few of them. 

That is a Ginsu knife choppy thing. You know Ginsu with their ability to cut through cans and motorcycles, and brick homes...Then they turn right around and can slice a tomato like nobody's business! What the what??? It's AMAAAAAAZING. 

After you get them cut the way you like, you just stick them in the jar and it should look something like this...

Then of course you light them all and it looks like this...


See! Super easy! They all melt differently so as they burn they should melt together at the bottom and then look really cool. I would like to try it with a bunch that drip the different colored wax! 

***Disclaimer*** Be careful lighting them and make sure they aren't too close or they will melt each other. We kind of dig that, but you may not. Also be careful blowing them out because you will get wax everywhere if you just super blow them (this is not your Birthday cake folks) and it gives off a lot of smoke, but just for a minute. 


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