Monday, June 30, 2014

Winery Finery

We celebrated my wonderful friend Sherri's Birthday this weekend with a trip to Arrington Vineyards. What started out as a rainy day quickly turned into a beautiful, glorious afternoon full of friends, snacks, and of course a little wine! 

We picked out a blackberry and raspberry wine to try that were insanely delicious! Then we snacked on hummus, pita chips, and cupcakes! It was pretty much perfect! 

Here's the girls! Steph, Bri, me, and Sherri! D took the pics. He was such a good sport, and even played DJ for us on the way home! 

There were a ton of people there, but it didn't feel overly crowded until you had to use the bathroom. There were two bathrooms in the wine tasting building. They were one toilet bathrooms. That is when I realized there was actually one hundred million people there. 
We also happened to see a family taking some photos across the field from us, so we did what all normal civilized people would do and attempted to photobomb every single picture that we were in the background of. We got some stares, but mostly a lot of love from a group at a picnic table beside us. We laughed so hard it made the bathroom situation that much more dire. It was all totally worth it though. 

Happy Birthday Sherbear! Here's to many many more wine drinking, laughter filled, pee inducing birthdays to come! 


Dress: Target
Shoes: Target
Arm Party: Hot Topic, and Tilly's
Earrings: Coach
Clutch: Thrifted
Sunnies: Nine West

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