Monday, November 9, 2015

Teenage Dream

We took these pictures at Love Circle, a very well known "park" in Nashville where you can look down on the city. It's always seemed strange to us that it's such a high point, but from the city I never see it. It's like magic. 

It's also a hideout for packs of wild teenagers...

We walked up the hill to find a group of teenagers in their most comfortable environment; a make out spot. We approached them slowly as to not spook them, but they did seem to be a bit frightened and scattered to the other side of the hill. 

I wondered if we should try to feed them. I didn't see any "don't feed the teenagers" signs, but in the end I decided it was best to just try to ignore them. 

Eventually one of them, presumably the pack leader, approached us slowly to ask if we had a cigarette. We politely, but a little sternly (cigarettes are bad, Mkay...) told him no and he quickly fled along with the rest of the pack. 

We didn't know where they went until we heard the rattle of an old car and the squeals of the female pack members as they rolled down the hill. I think they'll be ok. 

I highly recommend visiting this spot if you are ever in Nashville, but bring some McDonalds french fries because teenagers love those! 


Cardi: Marshalls (Cute one
Henley: Target
Jeans: Alloy
Scarf: H&M (Similar)
Watch: Coach (Similar)
Bracelets: H&M
Boots: Hunter

P.S. The hubby and I celebrated 15 years of marriage this weekend! Happy Anniversary shout out to my main squeeze! I love you Smuckers! Muah! 

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