Thursday, April 30, 2015

Summer Lovin'

I am more than ready for summer, and I always have a shopping list a mile long when the seasons change. I wanted to share some of the items on my wish list so far. 


1. Pylo Gypsy Denim Bellbottoms in Creedence: I have bellbottoms, but these are high waisted which means I can wear some crop tops and I love that. I am not a "show my whole midriff" kinda gal, so high waisted jeans/pants/skirts make me very happy and give me some  flexibility in my wardrobe! 

2. Alloy Mae Paisley Maxi Dress: Ahh the maxi dress. So cute. So put together. Yet so comfy and easy! You still have to shave your legs in this one though. 

3. Free People Again Dylan Dress: I can't even with this dress. I. Cannot. Even. This is like if the 60's, Bridgett Bardot, and Hawaii got together and had a passionate love affair and had a love child. That would be this dress. I. Cannot. Even. Sexiest dress EVER. 

4. Free People Floral Mesh Lace Dress: Hottie hottie lacy pants! This dress is so cute and easy! I feel like I would wear this to a festival, but in reality I would probably just wear it to a street fair full of food trucks and get ketchup on it within 5 seconds. 

5. Madewell Loup Charmant Como Cropped Shirt: I had a shirt when I was in high school that was very similar to this. I wore it to Kings Island. I got it on sale at Gap I believe. I adored that shirt. I can't remember my own zip code most days, but by golly I can tell you what I wore 17 summers ago...

6. Free People Oliviera Gladiator Sandal: I just really want some taller gladiator sandals. These are so cute, and they are Free People which is always a win in my book. 

Feel free to also follow me on Pinterest to see some of my other faves! I am an avid pinner and I would love to have you follow along! 


P.S. I found a dupe (or at least similar style) of the sexiest dress ever for a LOT less on Alloy

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