Friday, April 10, 2015


I wore this two days in a row, because I love it. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate....

In my defense I only wore it for a couple of hours the first day. Not that I care what anyone thinks. I march to the beat of a different pot (and possibly a pan). I don't know if you recognize this dress/tunic thing I'm wearing, but I just wore it a couple of weeks ago in another post here. I love remixing things for different seasons or in our case just insanely varied temperatures within the same season. 

We took these photos at a place that I have taken them before only on a different side, and the first person who can tell me which post has the other side in it, I will send you my favorite summer shade of nail polish. Seriously. I will literally go buy it and send it to you. Just tell me in the comments below. 

Here's looking at you kid! 


Dress/Tunic: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Express (Similar)
Shoes: Nine West (Here are some cute Steve Madden leopard sandals) 
Necklace: I honestly have no clue (Similar)
Bracelet: Pangea (Similar)
Earrings: Target (Similar)
Sunnies: Nine West (Similar)


Tammy Miller said...

Was the other one Workin It Out? Great post and great blog!

Heather Livingston said...

Nope! Keep trying! :) And thank you!

Darlene Deck said...

Was it the Nashville post?

Heather Livingston said...

Nope! Keep trying! :)

keshia woolbright said...

Was it "the 90s called"?????

Heather Livingston said...

Yes! Winner winner chicken dinner!!! I'll get your info and send you your polish! :)