Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Honeysuckle Sugar Butt

Spring in Tennessee is the absolute best. It's warm, but not yet hotter than the fires of hell, and it's beautiful! You can eat on a patio or go for a jog and you aren't attacked by large stinging bugs, or small stinging bugs. I don't discriminate and neither do they when they want to stick me with their pokey death needle or suck my blood. 

Soon it will be summer, which I love, but it does get very warm and very buggy. We are actually planning our vacation soon to Savannah, GA which is already very warm and most likely very buggy, but we love it there so much. I can't wait to see the beach, and do some blog pics while we are there. I also can't wait to eat all the food. All. The. Food. 

We did some shopping this past weekend in preparation for the trip. Are we the only ones who shop specifically for vacation clothes? I mean we won't just wear them on vacation. It isn't like we will wear them once and then toss them into the sea yelling, "Be gone vacation clothes! We no longer like you or need you!" There is just something about getting a new dress or top to wear the first time on vacation. Maybe it's just me. 

Well I better go because I have some clothes to throw in the lake. 


Top: Nordstrom Rack (Similar)
Jeans: Alloy (here, but they are out of this color. You can try another though!)
Shoes: Nine West
Bracelet: Pangea (Similar
Ring: Coach
Earrings: Coach

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