Monday, April 6, 2015

Night Moves

Just in case you couldn't tell, these were taken spontaneously at night with my iPhone by the light of my headlight. It was my husband's idea. He's pretty good with stuff like that. Keeps me on my toes with new and innovative ideas. He's like an innovation/idea...factory.... (I wanted to write tree right there for some reason, but it didn't make much sense.)

Do you know what I like? Elephants. They are so big and cool. They have those big ol ears and trunks that are just like, BAM! Yeah! I'm an elephant! Whatcha gonna do about it? But at the same time they are just sweet and they like to dance. 

I also just realized my shirt has that cool elephant guy on it! I told you I like elephants! I don't just blow smoke, or pull legs, or some other 50's sounding phrase. 


Plaid Shirt: Vintage (Similar)
Top: Lucky Brand (Here is a newer version)
Jeans: Express (Similar)
Boots: Nine West (Steve Madden version here)
Bag: Madewell (Here)
Ring: Target (I think) (Similar)

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