Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Pants

These aren't actually snow pants. Just in case you were wondering. They are just pleather pants. But I hate to say "just" pleather pants because they are pretty sweet. 

I wore this to dinner with my girlfriends last Friday night at Bound'ry in Nashville. Ok two things. I never say "girlfriends". I don't know why, but I just don't. It's just friends, or best friends or something. I have never been a girlfriends saying kind of gal. Nothing wrong with it, but it just doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth. Like I want to bop my head from side to side when I say it and be like, " OMG, me and my girlfriends are sooooooooooo going out tonight to do all the girlfriend stuff that girlfriends do!!!" And that's not an accurate portrayal of how that word is used at all! Second, when I say last Friday night the Katy Perry song immediately pops into my head and now it's there forever and it will not stop. 

At dinner we ate about one million calories and drank wine. It was so fun, and exactly what I needed. It's good to have girlfriends even if saying girlfriends freaks you out. 

I know I'm weird. 

Tell me about it girlfriend! 


Sweater: JC Penny - Very similar (and on sale!) here
Pants: The pant store (Just kidding) Alloy - Get them here
Shoes: Target
Ring: BCBG
Earrings: Target


Unknown said...

Girlfriend, I LOVE the pleather pants! Remind me how Alloy pants fit...pretty true to size? For instance, if I wear a 6 in American Eagle, will I be a 7 in their jeans? :) Important info I must have!

Unknown said...

LOL! Yep! They fit very true to size. I think these are a 9 and I'm typically an 8 in grown up clothes and 9 in jr's and most everything on Alloy is jr sizes. I can sometimes get away with a 7 in Alloy though, but that's typically when I'm wearing a 6 in grown up clothes. I fluctuate more than I care to admit. HA!