Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When I Was Arrested, I Was Dressed In Black

Let me clarify...I was not arrested. 

I used to hate brown and black together. It was my least favorite thing in the world and I would criticize anyone who wore it. Now there are still some rules in my mind like no dark brown and black. That still bothers me. I know you are thinking, "But Heather, what shade of brown is too dark? Where do you draw the line?" Well little friend, I don't have a good answer to that because I am pretty wishy washy. I will however tell you that this shade of brown or "cognac" is beautiful with black. If you choose to wear a darker shade that is ok, but don't be surprised if I give you the side eye. 

Not that I got that little diatribe out of the way we can move on.

I also want to say that leopard is a neutral and I will fight anyone who disagrees. Ok, I won't fight you, but I will write you a strongly worded letter. What do you think I want to do, get arrested?


Top: H&M (Here)
Pants: Alloy (Here
Bag: Madewell (Here
Shoes: Nine West
Sunnies: Nine West
Bracelets: No clue
Earrings: Target (Similar)
Fluff Hair: Nashville Humidity 

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